Saturday, December 20, 2008


The Library 2.0 concept is the social and technological changes that are having an increasing impact on libraries, their staff, their patrons, and how they interact. The new tools were coming to enable patrons of all ages to suggest titles, write reviews and recommendations, and enable our librarians to enlist the entire community of readers in a collaborative effort to share their favorites - whether in print, on the web or in digital format - by using new networking tools such as wiki's and blogs. These new tools are now ready for your use.

So what is a blog, anyway? Generally speaking, it's an online journal comprised of links and postings in reverse chronological order, meaning the most recent posting appears at the top of the page. Blogs are "post-centric" -- the posting is the key unit -- rather than "page-centric," as with more traditional websites. Blogs typically link to other websites and blog postings, and many allow readers to comment on the original post, thereby allowing audience discussions.

We have totally revised our website ( and created our initial foray into the Blogosphere! The blog is frequently updated with program information, the NYTimes Bestseller List, links to newly added DVD's, eBooks, and an extensive selection of music for your MP3 player. There is even a comments area following each section where you can suggest your recent favorites for sharing. And that's the point - we would like the library to be a place to discover the unexpected.
Please Visit our Library 2.0 at: