Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Beatles with a 21st Century Twist

When my aunt was a teenager, she was the President of The Beatles Fan Club of Rockland County. She saw them in concert a couple of times and says that she couldn't tell what music was being played over the screeches of the obsessive fans. Apparently, there were ambulances on standby, and girls were being wheeled out of the concert hall after having fainted from shock at seeing The Beatles in person.

The music that this legendary British group created will no doubt continue to go on in history as some of the most iconic music ever made. How many times have you heard someone singing a variation of "Hey Jude" to a friend to cheer them up? Or a group of laughing teenagers belt out "I Am the Walrus" just for the fun of it? Have you ever wished that you could learn these songs and rock out like The Beatles for yourself? Well your dream has just been granted.

On September 9th, the new edition of RockBand hit stores: The Beatles RockBand. People had pre-ordered this game since it's unveiling in June and most could not wait to get it home and play it for themselves. Only a few days ago, I had the opportunity to play this game and it was, without a doubt, the most fun I've had playing a video game.

I understood what my aunt meant when she said it was a rush to see The Beatles playing before you; the graphics on this game are so incredibly life-like to the actual musicians that I spent more time staring at them then concentrating on the game. At points though, instead of the usual computer-generated, rainbow colored, background, there is actual footage of The Beatles recording their songs in the studio.

As for the tour section of the game, the player starts off as The Beatles did; playing in all the same locales in the exact same order on their rise to fame. As you play the tour, and unlock more venues to play in, the player also unlocks special photos and short videos about The Beatles. This game truly takes the player into The Beatles lifestyle; and to say that I was able to play guitar to "Revolution"? Yes, that is pretty incredible.

In occordance to the arrival of this new video game, all The Beatles albums have been digitally remastered, and deluxe versions are quickly climbing the charts as being some of the most popular music at the moment. Folks who were able to appreciate The Beatles in their heyday are now able to share that same love with their children, nieces, and nephews so that all generations can bond over these timeless songs and give new appreciation to the phrase "All you need is love."

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